Life is a very interesting experience to say the least. We make plans, we establish relationships, and we pursue careers. Each one of us at some time constructs in our minds a future which we desire. Initially we base our future on ideals and dreams. We watch others in the world around us and determine the pieces which we desire for ourselves. Then it comes to the point where we launch ourselves toward the life we have determined is the best for us. Time is spent taking steps to shape and mold that future. Everything is in motion but suddenly life happens, a piece of our ideal future falls apart or something outside of our control happens unexpectedly. Our path is altered.

The challenge which is then set before us is how are we going to respond to this unforeseen reality? Most often, a person adjusts and redetermines the desired future. Depending on what life has brought to the individual, there may be a major shift in the path or there may only need to be small adjustments. The most important point is to continue to move toward a re-imagined future.

Unfortunately, some people are unable to make adjustments. They choose to hold on to what was their plan. With great determination, they remain where they are in life and do not continue to go forward. This type of reaction produces an individual who is stuck in the past. The world around them steps each day into the future while they remain steadfast. When the person realizes that they are being left behind, there is often resentment and anger. This can lead to them lashing out at others. They have a sense that they have lost control. There is a strong possibility of becoming fearful.

I imagine an old film which is on continuous loop. The person strives to hold on to people and situations which were a part of their envisioned future. They refuse to move on with life. The scenes play over and over in their minds but each loop becomes less and less. Over time, like old film, the edges begin to fray and the film begins to melt. Life becomes something to hate instead of something in which to find joy.

Life moves forward, whether we give it permission to or not. Our future becomes reality either with our participation or our absence. Being unable to move forward equates to a slow and unpleasant deterioration of life.

If you know someone who is unable to adjust to life’s altercations, be that nudge who gets them unstuck. If you are someone who is struggling to move past an unexpected change in your life plan, find a friend who can assist you in becoming unstuck.

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