What is it that inspires you?

This is a question that I ask myself often as a writer. When I sit down to plan out blog posts or work on some other aspect of my writing, I sit quietly in an effort to open myself to being inspired. Writing, like many other artistic forms of expression, requires inspiration. However, it is not just in the artistic areas of my life which requires me to be inspired. I need to be inspired throughout many aspects of my life.

Admittedly, there are many days in which I need to be inspired to get out of bed. When the alarm goes off and it is time to roll out of bed, there are occasions when I lay there and wonder why not stay in bed. Usually, our two dogs are the first inspirations for me to get up. They depend on us to take them for a walk in the morning. They also know the routine well enough that they will bother me until I get up and start my day. Other days I am inspired to get out bed because of my husband and plans that we may have for the day.

Lawn care is another area of life in which I need inspiration. There are many weeks that I would like to avoid having to mow the yard once again. Some days I would prefer not to have to go through the process of watering plants and trees we have throughout our landscaping. Especially when it is hot like it currently is in Texas, I want to be inside as much as possible. Unless of course, I am spending time in the pool. Which requires daily maintenance that I only can do because I am inspired to get into a clean pool. In all of these situations, my inspiration comes from the beauty I see when I have completed the chores.

When it comes to writing, I find that it is more difficult some days to find inspiration than other days. As I was just beginning my writing career, I would become very frustrated on the days when I struggled to be inspired. I would sit and stare at my computer screen, or maybe outside a window, only to have a spark of inspiration elude me. Over time, I discovered that it is alright to have periods where I felt uninspired. My experience was that there would be other days when the inspiration seemed unstoppable. On those days I would record all the ideas so that I had them to fall back on during days without much, if any, inspiration.

What things in your life require inspiration? Where do you find that inspiration you need?

May you always find the inspiration which you need to be successful in accomplishing whatever lays before you.

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