Finding the Gold Nuggets

Life has definitely been different since Covid-19 has entered our world. Adjustments have been numerous and concerns for the well-being of one another have multiplied. It can be very easy to become discouraged and negative. However, all is not doom and gloom with the impact of Covid-19. We have discovered new ways of occupying our time. We have seen a positive impact on creation as once hazy skies have given way to clear skies which provide beautiful views which we had lost. We have been given more time to be with family and those whom we love. This last benefit is exactly what I write about this morning.

My oldest son who lives in Orlando had the misfortune of being laid off from his work since he worked in the entertainment district of Disney Springs. While this created some concern for him initially until his unemployment benefits were approved, it has allowed him to have time on his hands. His girlfriend has remained employed through one of her jobs but her position with Disney also was laid off which gave her some flexibility with her time. This led to both of them deciding that they needed to get away from their apartment for a visit to Texas, so they could spend time with me and my husband. I was delighted since it had been almost two years since I had the opportunity to see them.

Last week, they packed up her vehicle, their two dogs, and some essentials. Traveling overnight, they arrived on Tuesday morning and the adventures began. Like every other place in the United States, most of the attractions in our area are closed down. This limited the opportunity for us to show them some of the wonderful aspects of our metropolitan area. However, we were able to safely visit many of the places we would have taken them but at some we had to just admire from the outside instead of having the opportunity to go inside to explore. We also were able to spend time on our patio and in our pool to cool off and have conversation. We even introduced one of our favorite dominoes games to her and provide him a chance to get reacquainted to a game his grandmother taught him.

I hated when the time had come for them to pack up everything and return to Florida. However, I am so extremely grateful that the impact of the virus allowed them to have the time to travel here for a visit. All of this reminded me the importance of finding the gold nuggets of joy which exist even in times which can test our patience and create some difficult challenges.

Find your own gold nuggets!


We Are The World

Like many of you, I am growing tired of experiencing all the impacts of the Covid-19 virus. I am thankful that none of my family or friends have had medical issues related to the virust. For all those who have had to deal with hospitalization and more serious results from the virus, my heart goes out to you. I pray that all who read this can remain healthy and safe until a vaccine or other treatment puts a control on the virus.

This afternoon, I needed a little inspiration as I thought about Covid-19 and the changes it is making in our lives. I went to YouTube to see what might be available for insipirational music and ran across the video I am placing at the bottom of this post. I clearly remember the first time this song was recorded in 1985 as an attempt to combat the hunger crisis in Africa. I may still have the cassette tape upon which it was released somewhere in my house. Just as the situation was in 1985, today we need to be reminded that the crisis which we face is a crisis of the world and that we are the ones who will assist one another make it through this.

Thank you to all the frontline workers who continue to inspire all of us and provide the critical aspects which move us forward!

Enjoy this video and remember, WE ARE THE WORLD!