I have a confession to make….

I have a love/hate relationship with routine. I will try my best to explain.

I love routine for some reasons which are important to me. Routine provides for me a break in life. Following routines for different parts of my life allow me to not have to think a lot. This is extremely important in the morning. You see, I am not much of a morning person. I take a while to wake up and to be willing to acknowledge there is a world in which I must function. Having a routine for my morning allows me to function a low level of alertness. I am able to know exactly what comes next, so I can take a break from planning, making decisions, and really putting a lot of thought into life. Some would say that I even get a bit cranky when life events interrupt my morning routine.

Another reason that I am in love with routine is because I gain a sense of accomplishment. I am a “check off the task” type of person. I like to be able to see something is completed and I physically check it off on my electronic task list. While the tasks in my routine are usually not on that list, I still am very aware of what they are and as I manage through the routine I mentally check off the to-do’s. It reminds me of my college days when I took a course on BASIC programming (for younger readers, you might want to look up this ancient computer programming code system). If written correctly, the program would go through the steps necessary to carry out the goal given. This would be a continuous loop until you placed a STOP command. My routines operate the same way.

My dilemma is that as much as I like routine, I hate it at the same time. My hatred for routines comes from another part of my personality. I am an individual who likes adventure and trying new experiences (alright maybe not some foods). I want to experience the new. Routine is anti-new. I can easily become bored with routine. I want to change things up. An endless loop of routine can frustrate me and long for something different.

There, I have confessed it. I love routine while at the same time I hate routine.

How do you feel about routine?

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