Catch the Sunsets

You have heard the adage, “Take time to stop and smell the roses.” I admit that I do love roses. We had planted some rose bushes at our previous home, and they were beautiful in the spring, summer and fall. But for me the idea of taking time to catch the sunsets seems like a much better adage. Maybe this is because I do not have to wait so long for the beauty of the sunset to come through. Or it may be due to the fact that every day has a sunset unlike a growing season.

Each sunset is unique. This uniqueness is due in part to the clouds that may be in the sky. What I like about sunsets are the many different colors which you can see. If you watch long enough, you will notice the colors changing. It is like the sunset is evolving before your eyes. The changes occur like the moving of a clock hand. These changes remind me of the beauty which happens through life changes. I like that.

Another element of sunset watching is the location from which you view. A sunset while a person stands by a body of water has characteristics unlike a sunset standing next to a farm field. One is not necessarily better than the other one, they are different and each has its own beauty. The way the light reflects on water or through a stand of trees creates more differences that impact the beauty. This reminds me that where I am in life impacts my perception and what stands out to me.

The season of the year can also provide dynamics that impact how I view a sunset. Where the sun is in the sky, changes depending on the calendar. If there is a lot of humidity in the air, then there will be a haziness to the sunset. A cold, crisp day often leads to brilliant and distinct colors. I am reminded that as the seasons of my life change or a change in my mood occurs I am lead to experience life differently.

So while taking time to smell the roses will help slow you down and allow you to inhale the scents and beauty of life, taking time to catch the sunsets will slow you down and allow you to reflect on the lessons of nature and our lives.

Stop and catch the sunsets.

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