Beauty or Longevity

It seems as I increase in age, I have continued to place a high value in longevity. I think that this has always been a part of my psyche because my mother used to often tell people how I was very meticulous about taking care of my toys as a child. Maybe it is because I grew up in a lower middle class family that I quickly learned that if something does not last, it will not be replaced any time soon. Whatever the cause, over the course of my life, I have had the importance of longevity reinforced often.

We live in a world of throw away. Stop and consider how many items in your household right now are “disposable” in nature? In our community we have the choice to place large items on the curbside once a month, and they will be picked up by our waste management company. When I walk by houses and see the items placed on the curbside each month, I am amazed at how much we throw away. We have grown accustomed to the idea that everything is replaceable and not to worry if we break something because of a lack of careful handling.

The other element at play here is we are easily bedazzled. I mean that often we look at two items and choose the one that looks better over choosing the one which may be more durable or last longer. If it looks good, we tend to be drawn to it. The idea of image being important often drives this response. Yet, the most beautiful item may be short-lived in nature.

It is true that beauty and longevity do not have to be mutually exclusive. There are pieces in this world that have lasted for a long time period which still are pleasing to the eye. However, I am one that looks closely at the longevity of something whether the beauty is present or not. I will always choose longevity over beauty.

What is most important to you? Do you prefer beauty no matter how long it lasts? When are there times when beauty should trump out longevity? I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts.

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