Flying Minutes

What? It is June already? You have to be kidding. I remember celebrating New Year’s Eve just a few short weeks ago. Okay, maybe more than a few weeks ago but it does not seem like it should be the middle of the year already. Time is flying by at a record pace any more.

I remember my parents having similar conversations. When I was living at home, I could not understand how they could even think that time was going so fast. To me time appeared to be often going at a snail’s pace. I could not wait to get to high school. I eagerly anticipated getting my driver’s license. Of course, moving away from home and getting my own life could not happen fast enough. But alas, time moved so slow for me at that point.

Naturally, time does not speed up or slow down at all. Time is one of the consistent threads through life. Each second, each minute, each hour, all move at the same pace throughout the months and years. Time does not change. What changes is my perspective of time.

I am not completely sure why perspective changes as a person gets older in this situation. Maybe it is due to having more to reflect upon than to look forward. Or it might be due to the fact that as we age, our focus becomes less on us and more on those in our lives. Whatever the reason, time is seen much differently as a person gains years.

So enjoy life. Celebrate each day. Live to your fullest.

2 thoughts on “Flying Minutes

  1. I so agree with you on this Mark. I think back to my childhood and also recall each anticipated milestone to come taking so long to get here and now I look back and remember so many people telling me, “Enjoy it now pretty soon you’ll wonder where the time all went.” they were so right. Mind you there really isn’t anything I’d do different in the past as all that occurred made me who I am today and bought you (another brother) into my life! If I make it to 100 I’m sure I’ll look back to now and wonder where this time went as well.


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